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DECOLONIZING FRAMES aims to unravel narratives beyond the confines of North-American and European perspectives, celebrating the alternative knowledge and identities of indigenous and native people all over the world. 

Nowadays we are living the consequences of colonialism in all its aspects: racism, patriarchy, cultural, economical and political capitalism and hegemony. DF seeks to address and dismantle these legacies by shedding light on alternative narratives. Through short films, we aim to disrupt the status quo, encouraging a reevaluation of societal norms and fostering appreciation for diverse knowledge systems and ways of life.


Luz de Lucha - Stefano Stranges
Luz de Lucha - Stefano Stranges

Through the powerful medium of short films, we encourage producers to showcase the richness of cultures and ways of living, contributing to a collective understanding of decolonial perspectives. 

As Freya Schiwy states, “videomakers are then also involved in what might be called a “knowledge revolution”, an effort at decolonizing the mind”.

The inaugural edition of DECOLONIZING FRAMES will be held in 2024 in Turin and Milan (Italy)

  • decolonizing frames in the school

                                                               may 2024

    Decolonizing Frames will premiere in schools participating in the associated Ph.D. project, engaging with students and educators in a multimedial exploration of alternative knowledge.

    Selected directors will have the opportunity to participate in online interviews, so that they can interact directly with their public, fostering a deeper undestanding of the narratives presented in their films. 

  • Decolonizing frames in the city

                                                  november 2024

    Decolonizing Frames will take public spaces in both cities, ensuring broader visibility and encouraging the public discourse on the decolonization of our mind.

    Decolonizing Frames will be hosted in November at the wonderful Museum of Cultures in Milan, the MUDEC.

    More info soon!


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